mahboobeh arefiMahboob Arefy

Date of Birth: Feb. 1958

Place of Birth:Tehran

She was 14 when she learned sewing Sermeh under Mrs. Karimi’s provision. Mrs. Karimi was one of the greatest artists at that time to design and embroidered royal clothes.

She has worked with silk under Professor Harirtash.

She has learned carpet waving next to the famous artist of carpet making Mr. Rasam Arabzadeh.

I would like to thank God that has given me the ability and opportunity to be able to show and save part of my motherland’s art which is deposit from our ancestors to our future generation.

The whole of my aim is to restore my country’s traditional art but present it in a new modern way.

I would like to thank and appreciate my son Hamid Reza’s encouragements which made me more successful in this field.

My God bless him.